Tractes Cryptica Scriptura

A project that started after a year of constant headaches that will cripple me for days. A sort of migraine that I used as a way to dwell deeper into a state of mind that otherwise was unobtainable. An impossibility of movement of my body. As if my head was an anchor and the center of gravity shifted and the simplest of motions would send an invisible spike of pain into my skull. A sensitivity to light that wanted me to tear my eyes out. A sensitivity of sound that wanted silence and the slightest breakage of it would feel like an implosion in my head that wanted to get out through my canine. Where I'm from the sunlight is the strongest I’ve ever felt, the great ball of fire could be felt beyond your skin. Dogs bark at all times, loud parties almost every night, the gas company with its jingle and the sharpening of knives playing its flute and the mobile pan dulce sales man with its song. In this state I imagined what could cause such a pain other than the obvious disorder that was untreable with pills i just had to wait it out and sometimes even work while in this state and be a person and human as a verb.
At the time I was reading a book by Phillip K Dick, called VALIS. One of the saddest books I've read, it disguised itself as a scifi novel but in reality the author at the time was diagnosed with schizophrenia. And as you read this book you realize that this was his attempt to grasp reality while writing about his insanity as a fictional character. The only sane thing he could do was to crawl for his sanity in dense fog forest with no way of getting out. It was sad to see him fail and realize that there was no way out of this.

Migraine will force me in an immobile state, where i barely took a breath. In this state I would find myself in a trance of revelation. This was my attempt to capture migraine and that immobile state of breathlessness.

Hd Video, 10 min, 2016