D    I   S  P E R  S   A    L

A recently unearthed mine in Taxco Guerrero, Mexico. Was discovered by accident when a hotel was remodeling its bar to make space for a dancing floor. Inside they found the human remains and one of the richest mines in silver and gold in the world. Now it's a tourist attraction that holds a vault for seeds that will one day replant Mexico after an ecological disaster.

This short was part of the DISPERSAL solo exhibition. 

Dispersal is a collection of sculptural assemblages that enable contextual storytelling.  It draws inspiration from the Juarez radioactive  material accident, video game mechanics, a forgotten mine, the making of a monster and curiosity as it breaches containment in a multimedia instauration housing aftermaths of a life that is unfinished.

Dispersal as:

    a biogeographical event? 
is a fundamental process of an organism  moving away from its point of origin and  distribution limits. It is rare, infrequent and  seldom observed.

    a characteristic of an unfocused mind? 
is a failure of executive functions.

    a strategy for making? 
is to inhabit the incompleteness of it all, unable  to conclude for every piece is in dependence of  all the others.

    a form of containment? 
is to be in paradox. Do/n't deny the paradox.

it may be the spell for transmutation.

    a logical structure? 
is not recommended.

Ditch Projects 
Eugene OR, 2022

This exhibition is supported by funds from the Oregon Arts Commission and The Ford Family Foundation.