4 projects in Mexico 

In the rapid movements of globalized capital, gentrification is increasingly replacing the local economy with a more global consensus. Each of the projects
examines the effects of this process within the practices of art, design, literature and self-organization by addressing localized forms of community building;
they examine them in order to maintain a sense of locality within the Mexican economic growth. A process of de-localization triggered
through migration or the introduction of a capital-controlled monoculture have become an omnipresent condition under which the individuals and collectives behind the projects grasp the locality of time, space and micro-communities. The Manuel Raeder studio, for example, always works “locally”. It counteracts the standardization of design by developing
graphic identities that are determined in direct contact with the people who live in society; whether with publications for individual artists from the rural coastal regions of Mexico or as a designer (from publication to furniture) of the Kunstverein Munich.

At the same time, Kraus praises the cultural role that Mexicali Rose plays in bringing together and activating the local artist community in Kelly Lake Store. Through her literary output, she often inscribes marginalized practices in contemporary history.

Kunstverein Munich, 2013